Evolution Storm 2 Windows

This high performance window not only looks stunning, it offers a host of unique energy-saving benefits and exquisite design touches. This ensures our Storm 2 window has all the features you need with the added benefit of it's breathtaking good looks.

Like Wood. Not Wood.

Our Storm 2 window really does have to be seen to be believed, the intricate, detailed, handcrafted elements of this window really take it to the next level of detail. Customers often cannot believe it is not a real timber window.

The Storm 2 window really does give you the best of all worlds; cost saving energy efficiency, beautiful design lines, over 200+ colour options and Evolution's pedigree of manufacturing excellence which ensures a perfect fit, every time. Visit the Evolution website for more details



Feature Benefit
Window aesthetics heavily inspired by traditional timber styling. Deep timber cill and timber-like proportions across the whole frame. The Storm 2 window is ideal for those wanting to replace timber windows, or aspire to achieve the look of timber windows. The Storm 2 window really does look like timber, and it’s difficult to tell the Storm 2 window apart from real timber.
Exceptional energy performance – A+13. Triple Glazing also available. The heat generated in your home will not be able to escape with the highly energy rated Storm 2 window. Your bills will reduce in cost and your house will stay warm and cosy for years to come. To further reduce potential heat loss, we can triple glaze your windows.
Slimmest window available with a greater glazed area. Let more light into your home with the Storm 2 window, without compromise.
Exquisite wood detailing across all of the frame. With the Storm 2 window, you can achieve the look of wood, but without the laborious sanding and painting every 5 years. The Evolution wood-grain effect laminate ensures a seamless finish and a maintenance free window.
Discreet trickle ventilation via our unique weather bar. Trickle vents can be an unsightly, but sometimes necessary addition to replacement windows. Evolution have developed a weather bar that sits over the trickle vents on the outside, keeping them hidden from view, so your beautiful new windows will look their very best whilst still being practical.
Available in a range of standard colours and in over 200 RAL colours. Having a wide colour range to choose from, you can have the exact finish you desire. You can even colour match your new Storm 2 windows to an existing colour – suitable for conservation areas.


A splash of colour

At Profix, we understand that colour is an important part of the decision when choosing new windows or doors for your home.

We are always looking to improve and expand our current offering, and due to the rising popularity of painted Grey shades, we have added more of these greys to our standard range.

On Storm 2, Flush and English Door Company doors, we now also offer Agate Grey, Anthracite Grey and Olive Grey as standard (all standard colours come with white wood grain internally).