Recycling: Recovinyl & Vinyl 2010

UK NewBuild, Pro-fix Installations and extrusion manufacturer Duraflex has taken the lead in promoting greener PVCu construction – removing harmful components in manufacture (Lead and Cadmium) well ahead of the timescales set by the international voluntary Vinyl 2010 commitment; introducing calcium organic and eco friendly lamination processes; and promoting recovery for end of life products. The Recovinyl initiative supported by UK NewBuild sees thousands of tonnes of end of life PVCu profiles being recycled rather than going to landfill. PVC compounds are 100% recyclable.

Saving energy: efficiency

27%** of all the CO2 emissions in the UK are generated from private dwellings and up to 40%*** of heat loss from buildings is via poor airtightness. By specifying our BFRC A, B or C rated windows, coupled with the performance benefits of our cavity closers and Q-Lon weatherstripping you can help purchasers enjoy energy savings and a lower carbon footprint for years to come.

Award winning: leading standards

Operating under industry leading and award winning standards on both Health and Safety and environmental management, the UK Window Group strives to reduce its environmental impact (carbon footprint) via its vertical integration and locally based installer network. Each of the installers operates procedures to manage and reduce site waste.